Lombok and Bali 5 Oct - 24 Nov

This post brings us up to date on the first phase of our amazing cruise so far.  Apologies to those who have been relying on this blog to follow our progress.  A combination of internet access and laptop charging issues have meant that blog posts have been not as current as we would have hoped.  We have now fixed the charging issue so hopefully good internet access will allow us to keep this up to date when we restart our cruise in February.  We also post regularly to my Facebook page so you can seek us out on Facebook.

Having departed Moyo Island at 6:20am and travelled 54 NM we arrived at Gili Lawang at 4pm.  The light was fading and the heavy cloud coverage didn't help so we could not see the reef that circled our preferred anchorage. After several attempts and nearly striking the reef we headed across the passage and anchored in a slightly rolly anchorage on the northern shore of Lombok Island.

After a relatively comfortable night we awoke to a stunning view with the sun risin…