Sumbawa 30 Sep - 5 Oct

The natural beauty of Indonesia and the friendliness of its people continue to be the highlights of our journey.

Our itinerary along the northern coast of Sumbawa was:

Sumbawa Island

30 Sep   Were Bay
1 Oct      Kilo
2 Oct      Kananga
3 Oct      Moyo Island

We try to have a short, medium and long term plan in mind for our cruise.  Each night we review our plan and decide whether and where to go the next day.  On departing Komodo we were confronted with the first reference in the cruising guide to any potential politico/religious troubles.

'Sumbawa is chiefly composed of volcanic, irregularly formed and moderately wooded mountains........Although overtly Islamic.......traditional laws and regulations are still alive and thriving among villagers.'

'Bima is the largest city in Sumbawa....In the past the cities of Bima and Dompo have had a reputation for harbouring Islamic Fundamentalists....however you will be greeted by warm friendly smiles and there have been no reports o…

Flores and Komodo 18 -30 Sep

We have experienced so much since we left Perth on 1 August that it is hard to put it all in perspective,  Our plans have changed as a result of the experiences we have had, the people we have met and the advice we have received from the people we have met along the way. Most significantly they have come from a decision to stop travelling and start holidaying:
17 Sep   Krako Atoll 19 Sep   Tanjung Gedong 20 Sep   Wodong 21 Sep   Batu Boga West 22 Sep   Riung 24 Sep   Lingeh Bay 25 Sep   Gili Bodo 26 Sep   Sebayor Kecil 27 Sep   Labuan Bajo 28 Sep   Komodo 29 Sep   Loh Gebah just too much too quick.
While the scenery has been beautiful it is the smiles, the friendliness and the willingness to share experiences of the people we have met that has impressed us the most.

Alor and Solor 10-17 September

After dragging our anchor at 1am in Wini we departed on our 67 nautical mile journey under sail and a nice moon.  The depth of the waters in the straight between Timor and Alor exceeded three kilometres.  We sailed until 9am when the wind deserted us so we motored the rest of the way.

We saw a brief video about Alor in the consulate in Perth and so were keen to see it and it was a good kick-off point for our sail along the more peaceful north coast of Flores.  The entrance to the straight between Alor and Pantar (Selat Pantar) had a very turbulent entrance but once inside the straight the scenery was breathtaking.

We arrived at Kalabahi the capital of Alor and chose to anchor in a quiet but stunningly beautiful bay just a 15 minute walk north of the town.

The buildings in Alor were as interesting as the very friendly mostly christian people.

We walked much of the town and enjoyed a refreshing drink at a waterside restaurant.

Some of the signs were interesting to say the least.
Fresh …